Run for your Lungs Jackie’s Run for Life, Inc.

Who are we?

Run for your Lungs, Jackie’s Run for Life, Inc. is a non-profit organization located in Albany GA, serving south GA and surrounding areas, working to bring awareness to the #1 killer of ALL cancers …. Lung Cancer.  It kills more people every single years than breast, prostate, pancreatic, & colon cancers COMBINED!  It gets a fraction of the attention and funding of these other cancers. It is our goal to help gain local support and help those in need struggling with the disease – whether by providing something needed or giving out information.

Lung Cancer needs awareness.  We need low dose CT screening and  research funding!

We can make a difference!

How do we make that difference?

We are dedicated to raising awareness and helping local lung cancer patients.  We have no administrative overhead or salaries.  We do not get paid!  Every dollar we raise goes towards the expenses incurred for the 5K event and after those expenses are accounted for, we help real people!  Since January 2014, we have given $1,000 away each month, to one lung cancer patient- that’s $24,000! It is truly gratifying doing something good in the name of lung cancer.  What we raise at this year’s event will dictate what we are able to give in 2016. Lace up your sneakers, get your water bottle ready and let’s run to make a difference!

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